A bright future for White Stadium, our neighborhoods, our City, and world-class women’s sports.


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After decades of neglect and underuse, the historic White Stadium is finally getting the transformative investments that the community deserves. White Stadium is at the heart of Boston’s legacy - a beacon of community pride and resilience for over 70 years. So many have a story rooted in this historic space - so many have seen and lived the joy, the camaraderie, and the triumphs that have echoed through its grounds. Yet the White Stadium of today is not living up to its potential - or meeting the needs of the community.

It’s time to honor the legacy of White Stadium with a bold step forward, a step that ensures it will continue to serve as a cornerstone of our community for generations to come.

A future where White Stadium isn't just a fixture of the past, but a vibrant hub of activity in the here and now is within reach, thanks to the City of Boston and Boston Unity Soccer Partners.

The investments coming to White Stadium with have sweeping benefits for our community:

  • Neighborhood kids are going to be able to practice and play games in a state-of-the-art facility that is open for more hours for more activities. Just like their suburban counterparts, BOS students will have modern spaces for strength and conditioning, sports medicine, and studying - and the White Stadium track will finally meet MIAA standards and be able to host meets.
  • Neighbors will have a beautiful, modern, safe and maintained place to gather, with increased hours of operation that expand into evenings and weekends, new indoor community spaces including the Grove, public bathrooms and water stations, and a fully ADA compliant stadium.
  • The community will see investments in small businesses and local non-profits, and jobs will be created in the neighborhood. With a professional women’s soccer team calling White Stadium home, our community will have world-class female athletes in our own backyard - serving as role models to our kids and inspiring all of us. With the addition of the Grove, our park experience will be transformed with refreshments, facilities, and accessible space to come together for picnics, date nights, or community events.

This isn’t just about renovating a stadium to bring professional women’s soccer back to Boston - it’s about building a brighter future for us all. Add your name to the petition to send a clear message that we support these crucial investments for our kids, neighborhood, and community!

Photo credits: 1, Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe: 2, Route 1 Views: 3, BPD In The Community: Field Day At White Stadium