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Expanding Public Access

White Stadium has served the community since the land was granted “to build a forum of substantial proportions for public gatherings” by George White in the 1940’s. 

With a first-of-its-kind public/private partnership, White Stadium will expand public access from 7AM - 10PM for 340+ days a year, provide best in class facilities for students increasing use 3X, and be a beloved home for the world’s most beautiful game.

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Fan Feedback

"With so much to worry about in the world, having the promise of professional women's soccer in the heart of Boston is the boost we all need. Our mayor gets that. I just took the survey and began to think of how much fun it would be to hold a season ticket - something I've never done before! I'd do that in part because of ability to take public transit then walk or bike and the green park setting."

Boston White Stadium, The Grove

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The Grove

See how White Stadium enhances Franklin Park by providing more public amenities including local food vendors, space for festivals, movie nights, and neighborhood gatherings.

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The Stadium

From the excitement of women's soccer to a first class facility for our students to increased daily public access, see how White Stadium is revitalizing the park.

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