Honoring a Legacy

White Stadium has served as a catalyst for social change, a hub for the community, and a vital part of Boston history. At NWSL Boston, we are committed to honoring its legacy.

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Listening to the Community

We’re dedicated to cultivating a collaborative and transparent process. Through listening and engaging with the Franklin Park community, we've identified themes which we're taking action on. We encourage you to continue the conversation with us.

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The Primary Themes

54% of Asks are About White Stadium Facilities

Asks related to the access, construction, and maintenance of White Stadium.

29% of Asks are About Honoring the Community

Asks to engage with community leaders, support the local economy, and develop economic opportunities for Franklin Park residents.

17% of Asks Are About The Neighborhood Experience

Asks to be a kind and compassionate neighbor in the Franklin Park community regarding accessibility, transit, and noise.

Community Feedback, Honoring the Community

"I’ve attended the meetings discussing the renovations to White Stadium and appreciate that the focus has been about the impact to, and benefits for, the local community."

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Breaking Down Themes Further

White Stadium

  • 23% Improvements & Maintenance
  • 17% Access to Facilities
  • 8% Parking & Transit
  • 4% Sustainability
  • 2% Procurement

Honoring the Community

  • 15% Engage Community Leaders
  • 7% Economic Equity
  • 4% Career Pathways
  • 3% Support Local Businesses

The Neighborhood Experience

  • 10% Traffic
  • 4% Accessibility
  • 3% Noise Pollution

Community Feedback, Economic Equity and Supporting Local Businesses

"As a resident of JP, I LOVE that this will be in my neighborhood. I am also worried that it needs to be more focused on BPS, residents of Roxbury and Dorchester, and beneficiaries of Franklin Park.

You should feature food from the community and local, people of color entrepreneurs like RoundHead Brewing, Jamaica Me Hungry, and Rhythm N Wraps, way different than the food hall by REI and Fenway with overpriced tacos and burgers."

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Our Process

We Listen.

Our team keeps detailed records of feedback from community meetings, events, social media, email, and feedback forms.

We Review.

We believe every voice matters. Leadership reviews our records in a weekly cadence, distills trends, and creates a report to share with key stakeholders.

We Take Action.

We dedicate a monthly meeting to discuss as a team and set quarterly goals to address. 

We Share Progress.

On a regular basis we publish a variety of data including trends and asks from the community. 

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Fan Feedback, Sustainability and Transit

"With so much to worry about in the world, having the promise of professional women's soccer in the heart of Boston is the boost we all need. Our mayor gets that. I just took the survey and began to think of how much fun it would be to hold a season ticket - something I've never done before! I'd do that in part because of ability to take public transit then walk or bike and the green park setting."

Fan Feedback, The Family Experience

"Please make sure the stadium, experience and parking is family friendly. I hope there are games at times when young children can attend. We have a toddler who loves soccer (we play with her size 1 fifa ball everyday!) but the experience needs to be safe and welcoming for her too. We plan to buy season tickets as soon as they go up - once we know if the times and experience will support families with young kiddos."

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    We are committed to honoring White Stadium's legacy and cultivating a collaborative discussion along with the City of Boston.

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